Kitchen design and installation

No matter how you look at it, kitchen design and installation is a big project. Towerside Kitchens in York want to make the process as quick and easy as possible for you – we’ll start by helping you decide what layout will work best for your space. From there, we can offer different styles of cabinets that will match your taste and needs. We do all of the planning and designing in-house so that nothing falls through the cracks!

What are a kitchen design and installation?

Kitchen design and installation is the process of creating a kitchen from scratch, including planning and installing appliances. This typically includes custom cabinets installed to fit specific spaces in your home or office – our team will help you map out exactly what you need!

Benefits of having your kitchen custom designed and installed

A kitchen design and installation project from Towerside Kitchens will add value to your home while bringing a modern, sleek style into the space. We can help you create one cohesive look with our wide selection of cabinets in York – make sure that all aspects of your new kitchen match!

Types of kitchen layouts

One Wall Kitchen

The most basic layout is a single wall where appliances are placed on top of cabinetry for storage underneath. This option is great if there isn’t much room in your kitchen.  It also offers an open feel without too many doors or drawers getting in the way when entertaining guests or cooking food.

Galley Kitchen

A galley-style layout consists of cabinets along two walls, usually opposite each other.  This is a more traditional kitchen design that offers open floor space and plenty of room to move around in.

L-Shaped Kitchen

When there’s enough room for it, the L-shaped layout is another great option with lots of countertop space on either side of an appliance wall.  The main difference between this style and a galley kitchen is the addition of a peninsula or island along one end where food can be prepared without interfering with traffic flow from sink to stove or refrigerator door.

U-Shaped Kitchen

A U-shape arrangement consists of cabinets surrounding three walls plus an exterior corner cabinet on top at your sink location. This provides even more storage options than other layouts while allowing a more oversized sink and more counter space.

Island Kitchen

If you choose an island kitchen, prepare to do additional cleaning after meal preparations because the “island” is open on one end where food can spill out into your traffic paths. While this design offers ample storage options, keep in mind that it will also feel smaller than most other designs due to its lack of exterior walls with cabinets built-in above them.

Peninsula Kitchen

A peninsula kitchen provides maximum storage capacity since both sides are lined with upper cabinetry while still offering a fair amount of work surface near the appliances used during cooking (such as your range or cooktop). Like the island layout, however, this plan has less interior wall space to feel more crowded than other kitchen layouts.

What is involved in your kitchen design and installation process


The inspiration step involves locating your kitchen design and installation company’s inspiration file (which they should have) of images that may be related to the project at hand. Then, you select an idea or share some photos with them to create a customised plan for you.


Consultations are typically required during this step-in order to give all involved parties ample time to discuss their expectations before any work begins on site.


The design stage is where the magic happens! Your expert will then bring everything together into one cohesive layout that considers what you need and meets building code requirements. This part of the process also includes framing plans, electrical diagrams, plumbing layouts, etc., if applicable, based upon the scope of work.


The next step in the process is actually to install all of your design and layout plans onsite! This stage may require a crane or larger vehicle such as an 18-wheeler, but our contractors are well equipped for whatever you need them to do. They’ll start by removing any worktops and cabinetry if they haven’t already been removed during the demolition phase, then proceed with installing new counters and cabinets (if applicable) before finishing up with flooring and backsplash installation (or tiling). During this time, we will also make sure that all plumbing fixtures, appliances, lighting fixtures/fans, heating systems (for those who live in colder climates), etc., are installed in preparation for the final step.


This is the last step in the process, but it’s also one of the most important. At Towerside Kitchens, we’ll help you with every step along the way so that your kitchen is exactly what you envisioned when our designers first sat down to discuss your project at length. We want to make sure that everything about your custom-designed kitchen is perfect for you and will appropriately serve its purpose for many years/decades to come!

How much will my project cost?
The cost of your project will depend on many factors. Towerside Kitchens has a design consultant who can help you come up with an estimate that is specific to your needs and budget
How long is the process from start to finish?
The length of our kitchen design and installation process varies depending on what type of project it’s going to be. Still, we make sure every client knows exactly where they are in the timeline at any given time, so there aren’t any surprises! Our goal is always 100% satisfaction for each client before their new kitchen goes out into the world!
How should I prepare for my consultation?
At Towerside Kitchens, our clients get one-on-one attention from beginning to end, no matter how big or small your project may be. During your kitchen design and installation consultation, we will learn about your goals, help you visualise what a new custom kitchen could look like in the space that’s available to us! We’ll also provide an estimate that is specific to your needs and budget
How do I work with you?
We’d love the opportunity for our clients to tell their friends about Towerside Kitchens’ excellent service and experience after they’ve had their dream kitchens installed by us – but don’t take our word for it- read some of our past customers reviews on _____
Do you offer design-only services?

Depending on the size and scope of your remodel or new custom build, Towerside Kitchens may be able to handle everything from start to finish – including all elements such as cabinet selection and sizing, countertops (granite and quartz), appliances, flooring options and more!

Can we meet at my home to get started, or will you come to my house and take a look at my space?
To make sure we can help you with your kitchen design and installation project, Towerside Kitchens will need to come out for a free in-home consultation. This way, we can get an idea of what exactly it is that you’re looking for and take measurements, so we know how much space we have to work with!
Can you work with my interior designer? Can you work with my builder/remodeller?
As a kitchen design and installation company, Towerside Kitchens will be able to work with your designer and any remodelers or builders that you may have working on the space. In fact, we’ve been known to help clients find suitable contractors for their projects!
How soon can we get started?

Since each project is so unique, it’s best to talk about timing during our first consultation together – this way, everyone involved knows what steps need to happen next for us all to hit start time!