kitchen electrical work

Kitchen electrical work is not something you want to do on your own, especially if it’s your first time. Towerside Kitchens has the right tools and knowledge to complete any kitchen electrical job with precision. We will be here for all of your needs in York. Towerside Kitchens offers a wide range of services, including appliance installation, outlet repair, dishwasher installation, garbage disposal replacement and much more!

What is kitchen electrical work?

Kitchen electrical work is a professional kitchen remodelling service that Towerside Kitchens has to offer. This means we will be here for all of your needs in York from start to finish. We can handle any electrical work you may need to be completed, including appliance installation, outlet repair, dishwasher installation and much more!

Why is kitchen electrical work beneficial?

It is crucial to ensure that your kitchen is up to code and safe for you, friends and family. Towerside Kitchens has the experience required to perform this work correctly while providing our customers are happy with their new installation or repair.

When should you not consider kitchen electrical work?

If possible, it is best to avoid doing any electrical work yourself to prevent injury. We offer professional services, so there will never be a need for dangerous repairs again!

Electrical circuits needed in the kitchen


One of the most critical areas that need to be wired is for lighting. Many homes have too few outlets and even fewer switches which can make it challenging to use this area of the kitchen effectively. Towerside Kitchens will ensure you are happy with your appliances, cabinets and countertops while ensuring there aren’t any dangerous wiring problems in place either!


Other circuits needed include a dedicated line for a refrigerator and often an additional outlet nearby, so you don’t lose storage space elsewhere in the kitchen.

Oven range

Another necessary circuit is one designated explicitly for ovens or ranges. This includes proper grounding and support depending on whether you want gas or electric options installed into your new custom design from Towerside Kitchens.


Another necessary circuit is the dedicated line for microwaves. As with ovens, you’ll want to ensure it’s appropriately grounded and includes other safety measures depending on your personal preferences.

Garbage disposal

While it may not be considered a kitchen appliance, your garbage disposal does require its circuit – especially if you want to install an additional dishwasher.


Speaking of dishwashers, this one is also essential for the sake of safety and convenience.

Small appliances

If you’re looking to install a blender or food processor, we can ensure it’s on the proper circuit and up to code.

Electrical safety tips

It may sound like common sense, but some homeowners forget these simple safety tips when hiring experts for their kitchen electrical work.

Be wary of outlets

Overloaded sockets are another reason kitchen see more accidents than other rooms. We’ll be able to identify where necessary so that only one outlet is being used per wall plate unless otherwise specified by you. Make sure not to overload them with too many appliances plugged into just one socket at once!

Watch your cords

Many people run their microwaves under cabinets, which means there’s often an appliance cord running above head level along the floor or underfoot. Be mindful of this and stay on the lookout for tripping hazards!

Check for quality

We’ll always use top-quality wiring devices in our work, so you know your new kitchen will be up to code, properly grounded, etc.

Learn about electrical fires

Your family is at risk if you don’t take precautions against these types of accidents. Towerside Kitchens wants all homeowners to understand what causes them and how to prevent them before it’s too late!

Test your outlets

Testing is one of the essential steps in kitchen electrical work. Towerside Kitchens does this as part of our comprehensive service to ensure that your appliances work correctly and safely before installation.

Use extension cords sparingly

Towerside Kitchens recommends against using extension cords in your kitchen. They can lead to fires and other electrical malfunctions, so it’s best to leave them out of the picture entirely!

Be careful of water

This means more than just keeping your cords away from standing puddles. It also relates to kitchen design. Towerside Kitchens is experienced with electricians near York who know how much risk there can be around sinks or other areas where liquids might splash onto an appliance or cord!

Unplug appliances

Towerside Kitchens suggests that you always turn off your kitchen appliances before unplugging them. If they are not turned off properly, it can lead to a dangerous situation if someone touches the appliance while it is still plugged in!

Keep your kitchen clean

The more cluttered an area is, the higher risk there will be for accidents like short circuits or tripping over loose wires on new appliances. Towerside Kitchens recommends keeping your space clear of items that you don’t need daily; this includes anything plugged into outlets (like lamps) as well as any papers lying around near where you do dishes or prepare food.

Schedule a kitchen electrical evaluation

Towerside Kitchens offers free consultations for homeowners looking into investing in their homes’ kitchens through new appliances and wiring services. We’ll take you step-by-step through what work needs to be done, what kitchen appliances are most beneficial for your space, and how you can improve safety in the home.