kitchen renovation

Kitchen renovation is a big decision that can have a significant impact on you and your family. Towerside Kitchens, one of York’s leading kitchen specialists, would like to offer some guidance for those considering this type of project. We guarantee customer satisfaction and quality craft with all our products and services. We will ensure that you are fully aware of what is required as part of your kitchen renovation before any work begins, so there are no unpleasant surprises later on!

What is kitchen renovation?

Kitchen renovation is a process that involves changing or improving existing kitchen fixtures, fittings and appliances. There are many reasons you may want to renovate your kitchen, including the age of the current design, functionality issues with existing space, or simply wanting a change in style.

Benefits of renovating your kitchen

●You can make use of every inch available ●The room will feel larger ●It will be more functional for everyday living ●Additional storage is possible

When is kitchen renovation not the best option?

While there are many benefits to undertaking this project, it isn’t always appropriate for everyone. If you have young children who climb on their furniture, then this could result in injuries if your work surfaces aren’t high enough at specific points. Similarly, if you have pets, there is a risk of damaging the covers or spilling liquids that could be very expensive to correct. Kitchen renovation isn’t always necessary if your kitchen layout works well for your needs, but it may still look tired and dated

What to do to have a successful kitchen renovation

It’s important when undertaking any kitchen improvement project, whether large or small that you hire experts who can help guide you through every step. We are here to make this process easier by offering advice on everything from planning drawings right through to completion. We will also allow you the flexibility to change things along the way, so it will cost less in terms of both time and money when compared with other methods.

Find out your aim for the renovation

You have to know why you are doing it, what you want out of your new kitchen and how the result should look. It’s essential to have a clear vision in mind which will allow you to keep track of everything happening.

Set a realistic budget

You need to know exactly where all your money is going, so set an estimate for every part of the project before starting work. This way, if something comes up during renovations that can be done cheaper or better with another method, then this isn’t just guesswork on your behalf but an informed decision based upon previous knowledge.

Plan your new kitchen appliances carefully

If possible, try not changing anything just yet. There may be things that aren’t suitable for specific spaces, such as larger appliances for smaller kitchens.

Decide how you will carry out your plan

You need to know precisely what is happening and when so that all those involved with the process, such as builders, plumbers etc., understand their specific role in the renovation.

Understand the critical elements of excellent kitchen renovation

There are a few key factors that will make or break your kitchen renovation. The most important of these is the layout and design as this is essential to traffic flow in terms of both appliances and people.

Be mindful of the details

You might think that one cupboard door being slightly out doesn’t matter, but it can spoil an otherwise grand space, so take time to be meticulous about every little detail as you want all those involved with seeing your newly designed kitchen, such as tradespeople, family etc., for their feedback too!

Decide on your colour scheme

One of the best ways to personalise your new kitchen is by choosing a colour scheme that you love and can work with. This could be one striking feature on an otherwise more neutral backdrop, or it might mean brightening up darker spaces but bear in mind that these colours will have to last for years, so try not to use anything too daring!

Decide on the best material for your work surfaces

Your choice here really depends on how much money you have available as well as what kind of look you are going for, natural cork being beautiful yet expensive whilst laminates are versatile and competitively priced now.

Consider how best to use the space

Try to plan out your kitchen in a way that makes sense for you. There is no point in having an enormous range cooker if it’s just going to be used by one person, so look at how much space you have and what will fit into each area without creating too many problems with moving around the room or fitting appliances through doorways etc.

Design your space around your appliances

If possible, try not to leave things like washing machines, dishwashers and tumble dryers in areas where they are difficult to access because this can be underused and could potentially cause problems down the line. It’s also worth considering whether there is any possibility of getting them moved when designing new kitchen cabinets around them (and maybe even using them to support your kitchen units).

What does kitchen renovation involve?


This is the stage where the floor and walls are taken out of the kitchen. The electrical wiring is disconnected, and all pipes are running to or from sinks, toilets etc., will be removed too.


New water lines need to be installed, but if there isn’t a suitable location for one, you may have to consider getting an under-the-sink water filter system instead, which can help reduce any bad tastes in your drinking water.


If new appliances such as ovens need power supply cables, they should ideally already be laid on top of the stud wall, so it is worth checking with the installer during the renovation planning process whether this has been done before starting work yourself (if not contact an electrician).


If you have a kitchen renovation plan with drywall installation, do not forget to check where the new electrical outlets and switches should be installed.


Painting is probably the easiest part of a home renovation project – make sure paint colour samples are on hand before starting work (can be bought at hardware stores).


Usually, tile or laminate floor coverings can withstand the most level of foot traffic, but if your kitchen gets very busy, it may need something more durable like cement backer board which will provide a more substantial base for tiling.


Towerside Kitchens offers kitchen cabinets design and installation services. We also provide custom made cabinetry which can be used to organise spaces in your kitchen or give it a completely new look!


We offers a wide selection of granite, marble and quartz materials. Our experts will help you choose the suitable material to suit your needs!


We can install an array of backsplashes that include tiles, glass mosaics or metal sheets for them to match perfectly with other elements in your kitchen.

Appliances installation

Towerside Kitchens offers a wide range of appliances to meet your needs. We have the latest models from leading brands such ____, which you can choose from!

How long does a kitchen renovation take?
The project’s duration depends on several factors such as size, complexity, location etc. Still, usually, you should count with a couple of weeks for smaller projects up to month-long renovations if needed.
What can I do to plan for a kitchen renovation?
It would be best to make sure that all appliances are disconnected (don’t forget gas supply) before starting work – this will avoid potential accidents involving electrocution or fire. Also, try not to disturb your family or daily activities. We recommend that you plan to stay with relatives, friends or book a hotel during the renovation period.
How do I finance a kitchen renovation?
You have several options to consider when it comes to financing your project: bank loan, line of credit or even cash from savings are just some examples. Our experts can help you choose the best option for your budget and needs, so don’t hesitate to contact us!
Will renovating a kitchen add value to my home?
According to our studies, an average price increase is around 12% which means thousands of pounds more in your pocket if selling – this could be money well spent considering how expensive homes today are becoming.
How can I cut costs on a kitchen renovation?
We have been in business for many years, and we will be happy to provide you with some ideas and suggestions that could turn out to save you money. You don’t need to renovate the entire room; there are several ways to reduce your total budget: replace broken appliances with new ones (that look like old) or install semi-custom cabinets instead of custom cabinets which is always more expensive; we also suggest replacing hardware such as hinges and knobs since they sometimes get damaged during work process – this is another way of conserving budgets compared to having them repaired. If needed, our team can help find professionals who specialise in doing home renovations at a low cost.
How much does it cost to renovate a kitchen?
Kitchen renovations cost anywhere from 3,500 to 182,000 pounds depending on the size of your kitchen.
Is it cheaper to paint or reface kitchen cabinets?
It is much cheaper to paint kitchen cabinets than it is to reface them.
Is it worth it to reface your cabinets?
If you want the latest in kitchen styles, then yes! Refacing provides homeowners with an inexpensive alternative to give their old cabinet doors a new lease on life. We offer superb quality and affordable prices for all types of home renovation services, including customising kitchens at low costs. There are many options when choosing between painting or replacing countertops; if needed, our team can help find professionals who specialise in doing home renovations at a low cost.